Piezography printing is a little different than other pigment inkjet type prints, so a brief explanation may be helpful. Developed by Jon Cone, these premium prints have a rich warm glow, tonal richness and inner depth that must be seen to be appreciated. As aesthetically beautiful as a heritage silver print, they are environmentally safe and sustainable and have outstanding archival longevity.

Francis Sullivan, the master printer for Artstrata, is enthusiastic and experienced with this revolutionary process. It involves seven selenium carbon-based black inks (K7) plus a soft gloss UV coating. The selenium accounts for its characteristic warm black shades. Prints are often done on a special Jon Cone Type 5 soft gloss paper.  

Artstrata presents two collections by photographer David Aharonian in Piezography:
Seascapes and Rainforest Nudes

To learn more about this revolutionary process: