Dave Aharonian

Mild mannered geographer by day, Dave is a weekend warrior, kayaker, intrepid explorer and creative photographer. He has successfully published and exhibited internationally and is also known for stunning commercial architectural work. Dave's deep passion is for wilderness landscape of Vancouver Island, portraits of beautiful women and historic alternate processes. He's got a beautiful new custom built 11x14 camera for wet plate collodion and just can't wait to get back out there this season.

" I picked up my first camera at age 14 so I could photograph the fall colours in Ontario. Since that time I have been most inspired by the natural landscape.  Once I moved to Vancouver Island I knew I had found my home, my favourite place being that area where land meets ocean. About 10 years ago I also began to photograph nudes in the landscape, primarily the west coast rainforest. I never cease to feel wonder when in these beautiful places."


Rainforest Nudes